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The Colonial Heights Medical Center was originally opened in 1985.  The office is one of two in our practice, the other being the Hopewell Medical Center.  The office is staffed by three full time physicians with specialties including Family Practice, Pediatrics, and Internal Medicine.  We also have three full time Nurse Practitioners that split their time between the two offices. The office is open daily with appointments scheduled from 8AM to 5PM on most days, closed for lunch.  The office is also open most Saturdays and Sundays from 9AM to 5PM.  Weekend hours are available for "sick visits" and are not intended to be used for routine health care visits and follow-ups.  As this office is the only of our two offices to be opened on weekends, the patients who routinely have their medical care visits at the Hopewell Medical Center are welcome to come to this office as well.
In order to improve patient continuity in the setting of two offices, we began implementing EMR's (Electronic Medical Records) in 2006.  This has allowed us to have a continuous medical record allowing for better care of patients that may occasionally go to both offices.  Both offices and all providers are now fully integrated into the system, and no paper charts are used in either office.  In late 2009, we implemented Electronic Prescribing in both offices.  This has the benefit of checking for drug-drug interactions, as well as drug-disease interactions providing a second system of checks usually only available through pharmacy computers.  This especially is helpful to those patients that receive some of their prescriptions from a local pharmacy, and others through mail order pharmacies.  Medicare has begun implementing regulations to require all physicians to use both EMR's and Electronic Prescribing in the next few years, and we are pleased to have already integrated these into our practice.
The office has access to routine X-Ray facilities, DEXA scanning (Bone Density), and a  lab in our Hopewell office.  Labs are performed either in the Hopewell Medical Center, or will be sent to reference labs (ie. Labcorp).  In either case, patients usually have their labs drawn at our office and we then transport samples for testing.  This avoids having patients travel to Labcorp or another reference lab for blood draws in the majority of cases.
We have for years tried to stay on the cutting edge of medicine, and have tried to focus on the ideals of a "Patient-Centered Medical Home", as recommended by the American College of Physicians, the American Academy of Pediatrics, Medicare, and The American Academy of Family Physicians.  The goal is to strive toward comprehensive care of acute and chronic illness, as well as preventative care through a team effort starting with your primary care provider.  We aim to provide evidence-based medicine with improved access to appointments, weekend hours, and try to see patients within 24 hours, many on the same day, with priority given to sick children.  Through the use of Health Information Technology including EMR and Electronic Rx, we can decrease medical errors and improve monitoring of chronic illness and preventative care recommendations.  We then provide access to necessary specialists, home health and end-of-life care to create a comprehensive healthcare strategy. 

Colonial Heights Medical Center