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    After more than 30 years of enjoyable medical practice in the Tri-Cities area, Dr. Moore has decided to retire.  As many of his patients know, he had suffered from ongoing medical issues for years, and had been on medical leave since late December 2011.
     Many of his patients have already seen other providers in the Colonial Heights office and are welcome to see any provider in our Colonial Heights or Hopewell offices for their ongoing health care needs. 

     Stacy Hanson, CFNP, will be moving from the Hopewell Medical Center location to the Colonial Heights Medical Center location in March 2012.  She will be joining Dr. James Bush and Dr. Brent Armstrong at that location.

In order to provide continuity of care for Dr. Moore's patients, please be assured that medication refill requests and other medical issues/messages are all being forwarded to other providers for evaluation and appropriate treatment. 
Des P. Moore III, M.D. (retired 2012)
Dr. Desaussure P Moore is listed at